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Boarding Kennels & Cattery

Here at Birchwood all dogs are welcome, what ever there size, I myself have two rottys and a german shepherd, all rescued, we don't discriminate any breed, we treat them all with the care and love that any owner could wish for.

All our staff are experienced in ensuring the health and happiness and well being of your pet, they have all animal care qualifications, but the main thing is they absolutely love to look after furbabys as there own, they give them cuddles, and kisses, they get carried, they give them daily brushes, they just love being in the company of furbabies, we are all fully trained in administrating medication too.

The kennels over looks our doggie walking field, so they get field views all day, the kennels are central heated when its cold, we also supply doggie jumpers and coats too especially for walk time when its raining or cold.

They go out for a lead walk twice a day what ever the weather, raining, snowing, ect, . The exercise for each of our guests is very important, whether young or old, nervous or playful, if there old and they only want to go for a plod and a sniff that's ok but its there time for attention and cuddles, if there young and need the exercise then they go for a good walk, if they want to burn off excess energy and they like to play with toys they can have off lead play in our gardens.

We have music on throughout the day, we supply beds and blankets, bowls and leads, but its nice for them to have some homely scents so bring some of their toys and blankets.

We believe in good nutrition, we try to match your feeding routine as closely as we can, whether you feed twice a day or four times a day, we use arden grange or simpsons as our standard complete food, we also stock a wide range of wet foods, puppy foods, fresh chicken and fish are always on stand by for the picky eaters, you are more than welcome to bring there own food for them, if they eat raw meat let us know so we can ensure we have enough freezer space. Bring your own dogs treats for your beloved baby, we can label these up that way we cannot give your pet something that's going to give them a funny tummy.

Why not book your furbaby in for a pamper, a wash and blow dry before they go home to finish their holiday in style.

In the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill whilst in our care, we ensure that they get swift veterinary treatment, you will be contacted straight away by myself or your vet, and we will act on the vets instructions

Our kennels are safe and secure, fully alarmed, cctv, electric gates, we live on site adjacent to the kennels and there is always someone onsite 24hours a day