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Boarding Kennels & Cattery

I own four cats myself , either from rescue or that have been dumped in boxes somewhere and we have collected them, they seem to get named by the staff and they end up staying here on our property, jasper our tabby older boy will usually greet you in the office, I know how important it is for cats to be comfy and to feel at home which is why we had our new purposely built cattery to all the new regulations stated by defra, when we had the plans drawn up for this beautiful building we ensured that this building had the same regulations as a house, the cattery is a built from brick and upvc, this is not a shed that's been converted, in fact there is no wood at all in any of our rooms as my top priority is cleanliness and hygiene , our units can be cleaned and disinfected easily and doesn't have any porous materials

Each room has its very own flat panel heater, an inside area and an exercise area, beds, blankets, teddies, mats, all the homely comforts your kitty needs to feel right at home. Please bring with you anything that would help to settle your baby in, bring their scratch posts, toys, anything you wish to make there stay even more homely, we have music playing through out the day to keep them bopping

All our staff are fully trained and experienced in the health, happiness, and well being of your beautiful purbaby, they get brushed, if they allow us too, we play with their toys with them, give them a good old cuddle and a right good fuss, we are all trained in giving medication, even to those kittys that sprout 8 legs when its pill time.

We have family cat rooms, where upto four cats can be housed together.

We stock a varied menu from completes, to pouches, to tins, tuna ect, but you are more than welcome to bring your own food for them

In the unlikely event that your furbaby becomes ill whilst in our care, I can ensure that they will get swift veterinary treatment, we will act on the instructions given to us by your vet, either myself or your vet will ring you straight away

The cattery is adjacent to my home, we have continuous cctv, our property is fully alarmed, and has electric gates to gain entry.

You will have peace of mind knowing your cat is safe and secure and they get entertained throughout the day by attentive staff